About Us


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Outlets Band has been around for 3 years now. With their first EP (Ground Fault Interrupted) gaining them some notoriety, and their recently released live album (The Ocl Sessions) on the rise, Chris Metcs, Ashton Lal, and Tyler Weidman have been playing shows to get their Blues/Rock sound out to the people. With the power trio's aggressive, but sometimes subtle take on music, they have managed to create a unique sound that is filled with blistering, yet moving solos, deep and inviting bass lines, and powerful drumming. Their goal is to create a sound that everybody can connect to, stretching the limits of the everyday rock band, and taking music in a new direction.

Chris Metcs

Self-taught guitarist originally from Ottawa, Ontario who moved to Calgary, Alberta at age 10.  Growing up, he listened to the blues and bands like Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Rush, Led Zeppelin, and his hero, Stevie Ray Vaughan.  This became the music he loved and would eventually help him to find his unique sound. He started to take the guitar seriously at age 14, teaching himself the basic chords and scales on an old small body acoustic.  

While music had started to become the priority, he was also heavily involved in the performing arts and musical theatre.  He won his way into the Alberta Provincial One Act Festival 3 years in a row, then proceeded to win acting, directing, music and lighting awards at the Festival in each of those years.  One of these awards was for a musical play he wrote and performed in collaboration with a colleague.

Music, however, would become his calling when, at age 16, he acquired a Fender Stratocaster and began to devote his time to songwriting and exploring the musical possibilities of the guitar.  Now fronting the Outlets Band, he has taken his love of blues and rock, and the theatre arts, to create a sound and style that is very much unique to himself and to the band.

Tyler Weidman

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, he always grew up beside or near a drum kit.  His dad Kevin, a drummer in a band called Caught on the Rock, inspired him to learn drums at a very early age.  Self-taught and trying to find his own sound, he started listening to bands such as Dawes, The Wallflowers, The Elms, The Refreshments, Switchfoot and Barney Bentall.  All became factors in his unique way of bridging intricate rhythms with powerful drum lines.

Always looking to meet likeminded people, start a band and dedicate himself to making great music, he is now the percusive force behind the band. 

Ashton Lal

Born in Calgary, Ashton has been playing guitar since the young age of 13. He was always driven to start his musical career behind a guitar, but at the age of 21 he realized that playing bass was a great opportunity to be involved in the music industry in Calgary. Because of Ashton’s natural ability on the guitar, bass came fairly easy to him quickly discovering his own style. Ashton’s passion for music has brought him to where he is today, be it guitar or bass, he is constantly being inspired. His influences include the likes of Duff McKagen, Willie Sheehan and Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire.

Ashton continues to be part of projects around town that keep him busy, but his priority is Outlets Band since joining the band in October of 2015.